Set of 3 - 1.0 Water Leak Sensor Detector Alarms

  • √ A 4 SENSOR WATER DETECTOR ALARM - A step above the other water detector alarms. Having 4 sensors on the bottom of this unit ensures you that the alarm will detect and alert with contact of only 1 DROP of water. Detects as little as 1/32 inch of water!
  • √ EACH WATER ALARM COMES WITH BATTERY INSTALLED - BATTERY POWERED WITH 100 db SOUND - JUST PLACE AND GO (BATTERY INSTALLED) - Each one of our units comes with an already installed 9 volt battery. This battery should last up to 3 years wherever you will place it (under average temperature conditions).
  • √ COMMERCIAL GRADE MATERIAL THAT ENABLES BANGING AROUND WITHOUT DAMAGE - Let's face it, not all places you put your alarm will be totally safe for an alarm to not be hit by something. We realized this and have made this water leak sensor alarm from COMMERCIAL grade (heavy) plastic to endure those bumps.
  • √ COMPACT SIZE TO FIT ALMOST ANYWHERE - The unit measures 4" x 4" x 4" to fit in almost any location. The bright red color is also a great indicator of the importance of the unit to others.
  • √ LIFETIME GUARANTEE - IF for any reason you are not satisfied, please notify us and we will simply replace or refund your unit, no questions asked.



1.0 Original SPHINX Water Leak Detector Alarm is a 2 Sensor Alarm. It is a quick PLACE AND GO water leak detector. All water leak detector alarm products follow the same principle. An alarm sounds when water touches both sides of the sensor. Water acts as a bridge, or switch, to sound the alarm. All alarms have at least one set of sensors. Spacing between our water alarm sensors is t 1/4". This means that a small amount of water will sound our water leak sensor alarm. The wider the space between the sensors, the greater the amount of water which is necessary to sound the alarm. Often competitors sensor spacing is up to 3", creating the need for more water to set off the alarm. The number of sensors is especially important when the product is used on an uneven surface. Many floors are uneven. Sphinx: Contains two sets of sensors. Competitors: Most products have only one set of sensors. SPHINX = Detects as little as 1/32” of water Alarm sounds for up to 4 days if necessary Lifetime Warranty Battery-saver feature only uses energy when the alarm is sounding for a long battery life (approximately 3 years battery life) Use to detect leaks before costly water damage is caused Detects as little as 1/32 -Inch of water to offer an effective early warning system Loud 100 dB alarm can be heard throughout the house From SPHINX SECURITY Inc - Minimize the risk of water damage with this early warning system For installation in sump pumps or near areas requiring water monitoring like hot water heaters, air conditioners, washing machines or under sinks. Expandable version available.


9 Volt battery needed for activation

(3) Water Leak Sensor Detector Alarm with 2 Sensors Battery Powered

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