• √ Do you want PEACE OF MIND with a VERY SENSITIVE alarm for your basement This will SAVE YOU time & money!
  • √ Wireless (no wall plug) Battery Operated (9v needs installed) Sump Alarm and leak sensor.
  • √ SUMP PUMPS SOMETIMES FAIL AND LEAK BECAUSE OF POWER OUTAGE Battery operated - 9V needs installed
  • √ SUMP PUMP ALARM THAT ALERTS YOU WITH loud 100db - Flood detection alarm, great for basements.
  • √ WATER ALARMS FOR BASEMENTS FLOOR Know when there's a leak before the water level gets high.


Product description

Don't become a victim of flood!! With this small investment, have peace of mind knowing that ONE DROP OF WATER will set this alarm off. Uniquely made with 2 sensors and an additional 6 feet cord with a sensor on the end,  this water leak alarm detector will sound a loud 100 db on contact with water. A great option for basements. Adding a POWER CORD to the available spot for a 9V battery gives you assurance that this alarm will go off anytime there's a drop of water coming in contact with it. In addition, the SPHINX Water Leak Detector Alarm is uniquely made WITH Accessory Jack - This enables many variations and is EXPANDABLE and customizable for your needs. UNIQUE FEATURES: 1. 4 WATER SENSORS - a great water level sensor with 2 sensors ready for alert! 2. REACH UP TO 300 FEET - With the purchase of additional accessories, make your alarm. 3. COMMERCIAL GRADE - Made with a STURDY plastic and strong pyramid shape. 4. RED - others recognize it's an water detector alarm, not a toy. 5. CUSTOMIZABLE - for high water areas, sump pump, RV, and can be hard wired to your current hard-wired alarm system. This Water Alarm Sensor can be used as the following: High Water Alarm, Water Leak Detector, Water Level Alarm, Sump Pump Alarm, Water Heater Alarm, Washing Machine Pan Alarm, Flood Alarm, Water Detector Alarm for Basement Floor AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!! The SPHINX Water Leak Detector is a step above the rest!!


SUMP PUMP ALARM + Water Leak Sensor Detector Alarm with 2 Sensors battery

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